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Sakura in the misty night (& lights)( By motokiwaz)



June 4, 2014 - Kylie leaving the Trump SoHo Hotel in NYC.

Omg that dress is perfection

"That’s kind of the beauty of being a woman. I think the reason why strong women have such a powerful impact is that you’ve got the strength of a man with the heart and sensitivity of a woman. I think that is where Daenerys could go to, but, my God, she’s still learning. This season is a very interesting one because her situation and her surroundings betray a more secure position than the reality of where she’s actually at.”

…and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end.

friendly reminder that jk rowling dedicated a harry potter book to you. (via potteraddicted)

i’[m seeing One Direction on sunday and everything is beautiful

You need us.


Blake Livey and Zoe Saldana for L’Oreal Paris


"how are you wearing a sweater in this weather" dedication. insecurity. dedication and insecurity

Leaving the gym in New York City, New York

Adrien Sahores & Janis Ancens for Kris van Assche Spring/Summer 2014